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Hunger Relief in Pakistan – Share Your Bread

In Pakistan, hunger is spreading among day laborers. Many Christians work as slaves in brick factories. The children in our school all come from this depressing background. Due to the Corona crisis, the government put a curfew in place and so prohibited all the labourers from working. The consequence: they are now destitute, they no longer have money to buy food.

In this emergency we sent money for hunger relief to Pakistan.

Our partners there bought the essentials , flour for baking bread, rice and lentils, salt, pepper and soap, then packaged and distributed them. Immediately, we were able to feed 300 families , that is about 1,000 adults with their children. In addition, we provided 300 portions of cooked rice for the poor who are on the very edge of society. The situation in Pakistan is a matter of life and death and must not be allowed  to continue.

Kinder erhalten Nahrungsmittelportion durch Himmelsperlen International Hungerhilfe 2020
Hunger relief Pakistan provided by Himmelsperlen International e.V.

Despite all the problems we have to face in the west, most of us still have much more  than we need for our every day lives. We are in the privileged position of being able to share our bread with the poor, as the Bible encourages us. Here you can get more information about our projects in Pakistan.

Jesus says: I was hungry and you gave me food. ….. What you did to the least, you did for me! Matthew 25:35+40

Margret Meier