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Severe Crisis in Lebanon

| M.
A pastor writes: “Dear supporters and friends in Germany, thank you for your prayers and your willingness to stand by our side in these terrible weeks and months that our country is going through now. The situation has become very bad, even catastrophic. The economy has collapsed from…

Hunger Relief in Pakistan – Share Your Bread

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In Pakistan, hunger is spreading among day laborers. Many Christians work as slaves in brick factories. The children in our school all come from this depressing background. Due to the Corona crisis, the government put a curfew in place and so prohibited all the labourers from working. The conseq…

Why, as a pensioner, I work for Himmelsperlen International?

| M.
Friends often ask me why, after such a long professional life, I don´t allow myself more free time. The questions is certainly justified.  At 68 years old, I could enjoy my balcony and the sun more, go Nordic walking with my sticks, spend more time with friends, read a lot more, etc. The…