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SYRIEN Zersörung Damaskus Himmelsperlen International
SYRIEN Hoffungszeichen Alkalima Center


  • Population

    17,2 Mio

  • Main religion

    Islam 90 %

  • Christian minority

    Approx. 800,000

This battered country was the focus of world
attention at the start of the war in 2011. The scars
of violence and devastation were ever present in the
TV news. Since then, the world seems to have
almost forgotten Syria. Personal relationships with
Syrian people can, however, quickly restore the right
focus. This happened to Margret Meier when she
met a pastor from Damascus. He was in Germany
visiting relatives.

The first visit in May 2017

Margret´s secret wish came true as she listened to the pastor´s story. Finally, she was hearing something about Syria first hand. On the one hand, the news sounded frightening, on the other, it was very encouraging. Apparently God was at work in this country,  revealing himself to both Syrians and refugees in a supernatural way through dreams and visions. Particularly among the Muslims and Druze God´s presence had become very real.

Contact with the pastor and his church in Damascus intensified after Margret Meier made her first visit there in May 2017. The congregation with about 60 members had its meeting room in the basement of a house. On Sundays, the room had already become too small to accommodate all the new visitors. Most of the members are converts to Christianity. Through personal evangelism and fellowship, this church had quickly become a home for many young people. Bible study and active discipleship training make this church very attractive. When a large apartment on the ground floor of the neighbouring house became vacant, the church rented the rooms and so acquired  more space for their meetings.

Missionary opportunities have now increased. The church is a light in the darkness. It gives new hope to the hopeless. Jesus is the center, he strengthens the desperate and saves the lost.

Church life in Damascus

Alkalima Center for Health and Development

In September 2019, help from Himmelsperlen Int. made a dream come true for the Church in Damascus. The “Alkalima Center”, a center for health and development, was opened. Since then, people from the neighbouring areas come every day looking for help. Here children receive trauma therapy treatments.
Boy in trauma therapy in Alkalima Center for Health and Development

Boy in trauma therapy in Alkalima Center for Health and Development

Alkalima Center for Health and Development

Alkalima Center for Health and Development

There are many ways to help the people of Syria. Perhaps you can raise financial support for someone to take part in one of our missions? Or perhaps you might like to get involved?