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    6.23 million inhabitants (2017)
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Lebanon is a small country, only half the size of Hessen. It lies to the west of Syria. The population is only 6 million but there are also around 1 million refugees from the neighbouring country who have been forced to live in Lebanon.

Emergency aid for refugees 2020

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Mission in Zahlé 2017

Medical specialists, nurses and trauma therapists working with Himmelsperlen International.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Since the outbreak of the Syrian war in spring 2011, many people have sought refuge in Lebanon. Families from Aleppo, Homs, Damascus and Raqqa most of them on foot, came in the hope of finding safety. Many of them have seen bombs destroy their homes and businesses. A large number of family members died in the process. Spouses, parents, children, relatives and friends have been lost.

Many Syrians have lost absolutely everything. Most are still traumatized as a result of war or flight.

Emotionally, it is almost impossible to cope with such harrowing experiences, the images have burned into their memories. Their soul are numb, some children have lost the ability to speak . UNHCR have built large refugee camps, provided tents and tarpaulins, oil stoves and mattresses. Even now, after eight years of very basic accommodation, the refugees are still there, still using makeshift beds and improvised furniture.

During her first visit to the Bekaa level in 2013, Margret Meier had the opportunity to visit refugees in their tents and to hear their stories.

She left the area with a burning desire to help – but how? That question stayed with her. On her second visit in June 2017, Margret was a guest in the free church in the city of Zahlé. This young  Christian community has adapted its ministry to serving refugees..

  • First, they helped distribute food parcels.
  • A short time later, they organized a school for the children in their basements and in container camps.
  • Then, they began literacy courses for women and much more.

Through worldwide contacts, teams from the United States and other countries came to help. Teachers in particular took on long-term responsibilities there.

Margret Meier was in Zahlé when an American medical team came to assist the refugees.  This meeting  inspired her to recruit volunteer  doctors and nurses in Germany for her next refugee mission. She suceeded. In November she flew to Lebanon with a German team. Specialists, nurses, trauma therapists, a prayer worker and a coordinator accompanied her.  Almost 900 patients were helped in just one week.

As a result, a medical mission now takes place in Zahlé twice a year.

A  very good relationship has developed  between Himmelsperlen International and the True Vine Church. Both have an deep desire to help those whose lives have been destroyed. The need is huge. Many helping hands are required , volunteers who are willing to give of their time and talents  to meet the needs of the less fortunate are vital for the success of the mission. It´s a call that God has entrusted to us all.

God’s love is only credible when it becomes visible through concrete acts. Those in need are longing for help. They find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own.

„Jesus said: Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’“ Matth.25,40

There are many ways to help the people of Lebanon. Perhaps you can raise financial support for someone to take part in one of our missions? Or perhaps you might like to get involved ?