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About Us


Margret Meier (Retired Pastor)

Managing Director and Chairwoman of the Board
Günter Römhild

Günter Römhild

Assistent Chairman

Christof Fraund

Armin Knothe

Armin Knothe

Leader of the Children´s  Camps in Pakistan

Dr. Helmut Gulde

Medical Director for the work in Lebanon

Office Team

From left to right:
Annette Bautz, Anna Hagebölling, Margret Meier, Sandra Dümmen


What does our name mean?

A literal translation is : heaven´s pearls.

It reminds us that every person we meet is a pearl from heaven unique, precious and costly, created and loved by God

Calling to Pakistan

As a teenager, Margret Meier was interested in world mission. In 1975, after her theological training, she began her ministry in a free church in Frankfurt. Four years later, during a mission conference she felt God was calling her to go as a missionary to Pakistan. Unfortunately, she was not supported in this by her leaders and as a result remained in Germany. In 2004 she began work as public relations officer for Open Doors Germany. Her new job took her all over the world and vastly broadened her horizons.  During this time she met many Christians who were disadvantaged. More often than not, they were also experiencing persecution as a result of their beliefs.

When Margret retired in 2016, she asked God about his plans for this new phase in her life. 38 years, had past since God first spoke to her about Pakistan. Now, he followed up on the earlier calling by sending her on a very exciting journey.

Earlier that year, Margret had begun e-mail contact with a teacher in Lahore, Pakistan. This woman told her about the “Mother Care Center, ” a Christian orphanage in that area, in need of financial support. As soon as Margret heard about these children she was determined to raise money for the orphanage. She suceeded and once the first financial support had arrived in Lahore the contact with Pakistan intensified. As a result, in December 2016, Margret travelled to Pakistan for the very first time.

Once in the country, she met not only orphans but also children from families caught up in slave labour. As Margret spontaneously prayed for these children two pakistani teachers heard her request. Immediately, God planted in their hearts the desire to educate children who normally never have the opportunity to learn. From then on, it was clear to Margret that God wanted her to be involved in the project too. Soon afterwards she founded a school for the children of slave labourers.

The beginning

At first, the ministry to Pakistan was a private Initiative. Several other visits followed. Margret´s influence broadened, however, in November 2017 with a medical mission to Lebanon to help Syrian refugees there.

To cope with the new and unexpectedly rapid development, a business structures was quickly put into place. On February 14th 2018, a team of eight founding members  set up the charity organisation “Himmelsperlen International e.V.”  Initially office space was provided free of charge. In September 2019 the first own office was opened.

Welcome at airport in Lahore am Dez. 13, 2016

Our guiding principles

Jesus said, „Whatever you have done for the least of these my little ones , you have done it for me.“ 
Matth. 25,40
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Phil. 4,13

Himmelsperlen International e.V.

A brief introduction to our projects

The ministry to needy children and adults in Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria includes education, medical and practical aid, discipleship and staff development
    • Pakistan –Basic education: including 3 years of Day Care, 10 years High School Support and training for co-workers in both the school and church.
      School of Grace

      We partner with the Christian Society „Rescue for Heaven Ministries“ : (www.rhm.org.pk)

      The School of Grace was founded on January 10th 2017 as a private Initiative and in response to a clear call of God.

      Target group: the children of Christian families working as slaves in brick-making factories . Without our help these children will never have the chance to go to school.

      On  June 20th 2020, the school already had 250 pupils, 23 teachers and 7 additional employees.

      As of September 1st 2020, 300 pupils are expected

      Support for co-workers and discipleship training
      • In 2018 the first annual women conference was organised by volunteer teams from Germany.
      • In 2019 leadership training began, offering support and discipleship courses for our co-workers.
      • Since 2018, a children´s camp has taken place each autumn, also led by German volunteers.
    • Lebanon – Medical assistance and practical help for syrian refugees

      Our twice yearly medical outreach involves professional volunteers and is carried out in cooperation with „The True Vine Church“  based in the town of Zahlé.

      The practical help offered by Himmelsperlen International enables food and medicine to reach syrian refugees in Lebanon. The need is great and the present economic crisis has severly worsened the situation.

  • Syria –  Support  for the  „Alkalima Church“  in Damascus

    We provide financial support for the up-keep and on-going costs of the „Alkalima Center“.  This is a development and health facility offering daily education, support programmes for children and trauma therapy for all those whose lives have been devastated by the war .